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01-16 Backup Policy
01-16 Backup Policy
31st May 2023, 7:38 PM in The Cohors Venatorum: Prologue
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Hi guys,
a new page is here.

The next week page is already available on a Patreon

I got overwhelmed by irl stuff comics etc. and I need to step down for a while. That's why I changing the schedule temporarily for both comics and introducing lasting change for Afterwar.

In June both Afterwar and TCV will have only three pages each.

Afterwar: 7.06, 21.06, 28.06

TCV: 7.06, 14.06, 28.06

In July TCV return to its normal schedule and Afterwar changed the schedule to only 4 pages per month as usual on Wednesdays.
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